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GlucoFox - Get The Maximum Benefit From Your CGM Data

We are proud to offer a CGM analysis service for all of our patients with Diabetes, who are using a Continuous Glucose Monitoring device and/or an Insulin Pump!


What/Who is GlucoFox?
GlucoFox combines Artifical Intelligence with Dr. Schneider's broad experience in Diabetes control. When you sign up for Gucofox, we will download and analyze your CGM data every 30 days and provide you with valuable feedback - at no cost to you.

This ensures, that you are getting the maximum benefit from your CGM data - and at your next visit with Dr. Schneider, there will be no gaps in information!

To sign up for GlucoFox, please fill out the form below. All your information is HIPAA secure.

Please have the GlucoFox look at my CGM data

Choose your CGM system:
Choose your insulin pump:
Are you "looping"?

I agree to sign up for GlucoFox, a service offered by "Diabetes and Endocrine Specialists (DES)" at no cost to me.


By submitting this form, I request to be contacted in order to have my CGM and/or insulin pump system connected electronically to DES.


Once the connection is established, my CGM/ / insulin pump data will be downloaded and analyzed every 30 days and I will receive a written report with recommendations to my email address stated above.

I can opt out from this service at any time. My data will only be used for the purpose of improving my glycemic control and will never be sold.

Thanks for submitting!

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