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EndoTrials - Clinical Research Center

Clinical research studies are crucial for the development of new therapies. We are accomplished basic and clinical researchers with vast experience in the field of endocrinology and diabetes. We are always interested in being at the cutting edge of science and technology and to help move our field forward - for the benefit of our patients. 

The mission of our newly founded EndoTrials Clinical Research Center is to help discover, apply and translate science about endocrine disease, diabetes, and their complications, to improve health and wellness. 

EndoTrials continues the clinical research legacy of “Diabetes and Endocrine Associates”, a hallmark research practice that has been operating in the same locations since 1991.

What sets us apart?

EndoTrials builds upon decades of know-how in clinical care and research, but what sets us apart is the operational nimbleness needed today. We are problem-solvers and creative thinkers, committed to the highest quality standards. “EndoTrials” Clinical Research Center is in a unique position relative to comparable sites contending for clinical studies, and here are some factors setting this site apart:

Staff Qualifications

Both clinicians at the site, Darius Schneider MD/PhD (the site owner) and Mba Uzoma Mba MD/PhD, are double board-certified internists and endocrinologists who have trained at prestigious academic centers both in the USA and in Europe. In addition, both hold PhD degrees in fields related to endocrine research, hence combining exceptional clinical skills and scientific expertise. Sara Turner-Cooper PA-C, PhD, the research coordinator, is a certified Physician Assistant with a PhD degree that she completed in molecular biology prior to devoting her career to the care for patients with endocrine conditions and diabetes. In addition, the Director for Research, Robert Lipetz DO, has a long and successful history of working in the research industry having completed more than 500 clinical trials as a primary investigator, with at least half of these studies done in the field of endocrinology and predominantly Type 2 Diabetes.

Facilities and Equipment

Our facility in La Mesa has adequate space available for clinical trials, with well-equipped examination rooms, ample and secure drug, device, and document storage space, state-of-the-art equipment needed for clinical studies (research grade refrigerators and freezers with 24/7 monitoring, centrifuges, EKG machine, lung spirometer, DEXA bone densitometer, ultrasound), as well as professional grade office machines and devices.

Site Profile

The facility in La Mesa is an integral part of a large endocrine practice that has been functioning in the very same location for the past 30 years and is very well known and respected in the community, both by referring offices as well as patients. Our physicians are busy clinicians committed to providing the highest level of endocrine care to many thousands of patients. The site does not have its own Institutional Review Board (IRB) providing added flexibility regarding timelines.

Population Profile and Access

The site has a patient population exceeding 20,000 with a highly diverse mix of ethnic and racial subgroups. The site’s catchment area extends as far East as El Centro and Imperial Valley and includes a well-balanced mix of White, Black, Asian, and American Indian populations. In addition, La Mesa, and the adjacent El Cajon, are home to a vast Iraqi and Chaldean population (largest in the US). 

Being directly connected to a large endocrinology practice with offices in La Mesa, La Jolla, and Poway, as well as holding strong collaboration ties with San Diego’s largest Private Practice Physician Groups, Sharp Community Medical Group, with a network of over 800 primary care and specialty physicians working in 350 locations in San Diego County, gives “EndoTrial” access to a very large and diverse pool of potential clinical study participants.


“EndoTrials” is located on the Grossmont Medical Campus, a hallmark of La Mesa which is very well connected to local freeways (I8, I125) as well as public transportation (several bus lines as well as the San Diego Trolley have stops in walking distance) making the site very easily accessible to patients and participants who rely on public transportation. San Diego International Airport is 15 automobile minutes away and can be easily reached with the San Diego Trolley. Most site patients, and potentially eligible research study participants, live and work in immediate proximity to the site.

Vision and Goals

Our goal from the first consideration was to establish a highly regarded site for clinical research pertinent to the field of endocrinology and diabetes, that would perform at the highest level starting from the very first study. To ensure this, we have sought extensive training for our staff and primary investigators. Work practice guidelines and standard operating procedures for “EndoTrials” were developed along with site-specific forms to be used while conducting clinical research studies. All documents including GCP training and IATA, EDP, IMP certifications, are available for review upon request. 

We are very excited to become a valuable site with study participants that will be appropriately managed as part of clinical trials at the highest levels possible. We are looking forward to discussing any questions that potential sponsors or study participants may have.

Current Exciting Clinical Trials:

POGO - The POGO Automatic® Blood Glucose Monitoring System is the world’s first FDA-cleared, One-StepTM, automatic blood glucose monitoring system that combines lancing and blood collection into a single ten-test cartridge. POGO Automatic provides a convenient and discreet solution for millions of patients who need to regularly test their blood glucose. 

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