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Breakthrough in Type 1 Diabetes Treatment: Discover TZIELD


Introducing TZIELD: A New Dawn for Type 1 Diabetes Care: let relatives of people with Type 1 Diabetes know to get tested today!


Are you or a loved one living with Type 1 Diabetes? Imagine a future where managing this condition is simpler and more effective. Welcome to the world of TZIELD, a revolutionary treatment designed to change the way we approach Type 1 Diabetes.


What is TZIELD?

TZIELD (Teplizumab) is a groundbreaking therapeutic that targets the root causes of Type 1 Diabetes. Unlike traditional treatments that focus solely on managing blood sugar levels, TZIELD works by modifying the immune response to stop the destruction of insulin producing cells and to delay (or even prevent) the onset of diabetes!


How Does TZIELD Work?

  • Immune System Regulation: TZIELD targets and modulates specific immune cells that attack insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas.

  • Preserving Beta Cells: By protecting these vital cells, TZIELD helps maintain the body's natural insulin production, reducing dependency on external insulin.

  • Long-Term Benefits: Clinical trials have shown that TZIELD can delay the progression of Type 1 Diabetes, offering extended periods of improved metabolic control.


Who should get TZIELD?

Tzield is intended for use in individuals who:

  • Are 8 years of age or older.

  • Are at risk of developing stage 3 type 1 diabetes.

    • This means that they have tested positive for 2 or more type 1 diabetes-related autoantibodies, have abnormal blood sugar levels, and do not have type 2 diabetes.


How is Tzield Administered?

  • Tzield is administered through an intravenous (IV) infusion which is done in one of our offices (La Jolla or La Mesa). The treatment regimen typically involves a series of infusions over a 14-day period. Each infusion takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.


How much does Tzield cost?

  • In patients who may benefit from Tzield, we will work with the insurance plan to obtain coverage.  In most cases, Tzield will be fully covered. Speak with us.


Potential Benefits of Tzield

  • Tzield delays (and might even prevent altogether) the onset of Type 1 Diabetes: By preserving the function of insulin-producing cells, Tzield can delay the need for insulin therapy and the onset of more severe symptoms associated with Type 1 Diabetes.

  • Improves quality of life: Delaying diabetes progression can help maintain a more normal lifestyle and reduce the burden of diabetes management.

Join the TZIELD Revolution

Are you ready to transform your approach to Type 1 Diabetes management? Speak with us today to see if TZIELD is right for you.

If you have a relative (sibling, parent, child, cousin, etc.) who has Type 1 Diabetes - ask us about getting tested for antibodies. You may have Type 1 Diabetes antibodies long time before contracting the actual disease - and Tzield may delay its onset if you are acting now!

With TZIELD, we may prevent Type 1 Diabetes and we may be transforming lives. Discover the future of diabetes care today.

For additional information please click HERE.

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